This February around 2,400 people at over 100 locations throughout the world took part in the Global Service Jam. The Dundee Jam was twinned with Istanbul and Los Angeles. Of all the jams held, ours was the biggest attended in the world.

This achievement reflects the huge commitment and energy of the organising team, all of whom were determined to create a unique, popular event, that contributed on an equal level to this global movement. We were also determined to use the Global Service Jam to put Dundee on the world map of creativity and design. And we did.

As you know Dundee is now UNESCO City of Design!

The jam has played a significant role in raising the profile of Dundee as a centre for creative design enterprise. We are now planning for the 2016 Jam, to be held from 26 February. Our aim is to make Dundee Global Service Jam 2015 one of the top five in the world!


The Dundee jam brought together designers, students, public service professionals, marketers, local business people and members of the community. Not only is it fun and engaging, but it is inclusive and about sharing perspectives and skills. With real practical outcomes that attract public interest, we succeeded in gaining considerable media coverage. We also ran a very successful social media campaign. Read a Storify about the whole event to get a sense of its atmosphere.

To make the jam a success involves a great deal of hard committed work from the team that organises it. But it is our sponsors and supporters that help us to bring the best jam experience to Dundee.

In 2013 – the first year we ran a jam – we enjoyed the very kind financial support of the Taylor Haig consultancy. They were our Platinum Sponsor,  playing an active role in the jam. In other years we have enjoyed the support of DC Thomson as a Gold Sponsor and Open Change as a Silver Sponsor. The Service Jam is a non-profit project organised by volunteers, so we are looking for sponsors to help us cover the event cost. Sponsorship is a chance to reach 100 brilliant and enthusiastic people interested in Service Design in Scotland! It will get your name out and recognised in the Global Service Design community.

How you can help

We don’t need a lot to get it started and creativity flowing. What we do need, however, does add up. Your sponsorship will help cover necessary supplies for our jammers:

printing • materials • stationary • brain food • creative juice • cleaning and security • loans of equipment • PR support • embedded journalist/filmmaker • hotel vouchers • free coffee

We work hard to get a high profile for our event using social media and conventional media. We ensure that our sponsors will be included in this. We offer different levels of brand coverage depending on level of sponsorship.

Gold £500+

Logo on our website and all communication in prime position plus five reserved tickets, a post dedicated to you on our website, and a live streamed video opening keynote at the event. Co-creator status.

Silver £200+

Logo on the website and all communication, a post dedicated to you on our website, plus three reserved tickets.

Bronze up to £200

Logo on our website and all communication and one reserved ticket.

We invite you to join with us to help create a unique experience that has a global reach!

Why not talk to us at dundeegovjam (at) gmail (dot) com